Custom Orthotics

Custom Orthotics to Deal with All Your Foot Related Issues

What is Custom Orthotics?

Almost every 1 out of 3 people have suffered from foot pain at some point. A poll conducted found that almost half of the world’s people miss their day's work because of ankle or foot problems. Since feet are the prime weight-bearing body part, so it is evident that many do run into certain orthotic issues.

The problem in the foot can be eradicated with shoe inserts called custom orthotics. Custom orthotics are medical devices that are inserted inside the shoe to correct the abnormality or the irregular walking pattern.

This also better positions the foot inside the shoe and overall improves the foot & the lower leg movement.

Benefits of Consulting Foot Orthotic Physiotherapist

The orthotics usually works as shock absorber, and it helps in removing the pain and pressure and stress from painful areas like the foot and ankle. This device also helps to prevent foot deformity and keep it from getting worse.

Foot orthotics usually changes how a person walks, stands, and absorbs the shock from the ground. Orthotics consultants have professional & proper training & credentials. These doctors specialize in the feet and the lower legs and deal with healing feet and ankle pain.

Why Consult Us for the Custom Orthotics?

When you choose to consult with Life Rehab for dealing with custom orthotics, you will get the option of providing the relief you need. You get the following benefits when dealing with us:

  1. Superior comfort
  2. Enhanced foot support
  3. Reduced pain
  4. Corrected pronation
  5. Corrected supination

Whether you have any foot problem, then it’s time to address your aches and pains at our physiotherapy session. Feel free to consult us to have the best solution.

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